About Us

We like good design. We like warmth in a home. We like ambience. Neon creates all these things. It is magical.

Why we started Rocket Neon

We couldn’t find beautiful Neon, Made in New Zealand, at an affordable price. When we purchased Light Up Signs Ltd, the opportunity arose to produce neon products in our factory. We’ve developed designs to grace any room in the house ….your living room, bedroom, the city pad, beach house, sports club or your office …. don’t forget special events and unique gifts for any occasion.


Do you ship outside of New Zealand?

No, we only ship to NZ addresses unfortunately.

How long do neon signs last?

Up to 30,000 hours – which is years of Rocket Neon magic!

Does my neon require maintenance?

No.  Once you have installed your neon, they are environmentally friendly and maintenance free.  We recommend a regular dust as part of your housework routine.  Methylated spirits on a cloth works well to give an extra polish/clean if you feel it needs it.

How do I install my neon?

Your neon is mounted on a clear acrylic sheet.  They can be wall mounted or propped on a shelf or piece of furniture – it is entirely up to you and what suits your space.  Every neon comes with an installation kit which includes screws for you to hang the piece, if that is your display preference.

Is there a warranty?

12 months guarantee on materials and workmanship.  You can expect many years of use if the neon is correctly installed and not damaged in use.

What are the neon signs made of?

PVC moulding technology with an led strip covered by a flexible silicon strip that together creates the neon light.

Can I use my neon sign outside?

You can with a waterproof LED strip which would be a special order.  Email us for details.

What sizes are available?

They are a generous size varying from 300mm to 1500mm long and up to 700mm high on depending the design.

What if my design doesn't fit into the custom builder?

Our designer can work with you to bring your design to life! Send us a copy of your artwork via our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Do your prices include GST?

All of our products include GST in the price.

If I'm not happy with the product, do you offer refunds?

If you are unhappy with our product quality or service, please contact us at 021 331 222, or email us at hello@rocketneon.co.nz to discuss a potential refund or replacement for your sign.